Monday, 13 January 2014

Does Private Tuition help to improve Exam results?

The Economic and Social research Council, University of London says that Private tuition can help improve exam results of kids and young students.
The reason behind the improvement is that the Private tutors prepare students in a number ways such as by saying motivational words, motivate to do one lesson multiple times so that they get practiced. Daily home works, weekly tests help students to stay connected with studies.

Also, Tutors help students revise what they study in school on daily basis. This way students do the study as their daily activity and hence they get used to learn fast.

One more thing, Students feel more comfortable on a one to one tuition than in large group of students. Few students feel shy while asking simple questions in groups but when they do study alone with teacher they feel free to ask any question.

There are many factors which shows that the Private tuition improves the exam result. Hence I would suggest every parent to hire private tutors for their kids.

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